Loving Relationships

Today’s post is by a dear friend and sister in Christ, Imelda. She writes with wisdom what God has been teaching her regarding marriage and what it means to love her husband.

Even Jesus had to Submit to Authority..

Ever sensed in your heart that you are called to ministry? However, you need to submit to those in authority, for instance your parents (if you are unmarried), your spouse, and church leaders first because you are still under their care?

God honors the widow.

You may not be a widow. I’m not a widow either. One day we could be though (sorry, but it’s true). However, many of us have experienced loss. Maybe a past relationship has died and you are still affected by it.. whatever your circumstance is, if being a “widow” somehow resonates with you.. read on 🙂

God Doesn’t Look at Status

Our society and culture is obsessed with status and keeping up appearances. However God doesn’t see all that. Do you know that God esteem the lowly and poor? Today’s passage looks at the Birth of Jesus. The Son of God was actually born in a stable! The first people that the Angels announced about the Birth of the Son of God was to a group of shepherds. What is God trying to tell us here? If the God of the Universe chose to be lowly, should we not also follow in His footsteps?

I’ve been challenged to love and think of God and others more..

Our culture says that we are to love ourselves by putting our interests, needs and self first. If we are called to be “Christlike” then does that not mean we are to follow in His footsteps? If Jesus renounced Himself, should we not also follow this? A personal post of something I’m personally learning and challenged with currently.